Standard Business Websites

Please take a look at our standard website portfolio, you get an unlimited page website. 
These are perfect for medium / large business websites, who want a bit more of a WOW factor.
These take 2-3 weeks to complete as more time goes in the design and features of the website.

You just pay one upfront cost, but you will also need a monthly plan. To keep the website maintained, up to date and secure.  s

Monthly Cover for the Website

You get the following services include in your monthly cost.

WordPress Website

Any monthly changes to your website, and this is included in you monthly cover, also making changes in your keywords to improve your listing in Google.

Website Hosting

The hosting area is where your new website sits in the Internet. We use GoDaddy Deluxe WordPress hosting on all our website, to give a fast responsive site.

Domain Name

Your domain is your address on the Internet, so getting a good one that describes your company is very important. Either or .com

Email Account

Also include an email address with your websites, this can have its own dedicated mailbox or forward onto your existing email account.

Website Backup

With all computer software a good backup is important, we take a weekly backup of your entire website, and store it on a separate server for one year.

SSL Security

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer, is an encryption binding your domain to the hosting. Now we recommend this to improve your Google ranking.

Google My Business

We set your Google My Business account, which help your listing in the search engines. It shows what you do, which areas you cover and allows visitors to rate you.

Google Anayltics

Every time somebody visits your website it records how many, how long they look at your site, where they are from and lots of other important information.

Plugins & Updates

Any monthly changes to existing pages and your website needs plugins to give extra services, like security, image compression, SLL certificate, SEO and Elementor.

Basic SEO

We also give basic SEO for your site, it is submitted to the main search engines. So people can find you and your services. In the search engines.

Website Maintenance

Monthly Cover
£ 52
  • Any Monthly Changes to the website
  • WordPress Deluxe Hosting - £6.99
  • Domain Name - £1.00
  • Website Maintenance and Changes - £45.00
  • Google My Business
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Basic SEO and Submission to the Search Engines