Google Analytics

How many for visiting your website? What pages are being visited?
How long are they staying, how did they find you website?

Ever wonder if anyone is actually view your website? Not sure where or how they found your company??
Without website statics you will never know if your website is working, and how to improve your site visibility in the search engines. We give these website statistics along with a counter with our monthly cover, you are able to view on a secure area.

If your business relies on your website for revenue or business, then you need to know what it’s doing and how it’s working. And that means tracking your site visitors and measuring the effectiveness of the site.

It’s possible to measure your site’s success using your log files and a spreadsheet, but that’s hard. You can use a basic log analysis tool, such as those that come with most Web hosting packages. Or you can get a software solution that integrates with your Web servers. It depends upon what you need and what you’re willing to spend.